The "No Elastic" Difference

What Makes Jia+Kate Different? NO ELASTIC!

Are you ready to finally say goodbye to those uncomfortable elastic shelf camis that just don't quite cut it when it comes to being braless? If you've been searching for the perfect solution that combines braless comfort with style and confidence, you've come to the right place.

The Elastic-Free Revolution

At Jia+Kate, we have revolutionized elastic-free braless loungewear and daywear. We've heard your frustrations, ladies, and we agree: those elastic shelf camis simply don't feel braless. You deserve something more comfortable that still provides the coverage you want.

Comfort Meets Coverage

So, how did we do it? We designed the original no-elastic, draped-cup braless loungewear and daywear. Our secret? An elastic-free underlayer that's invisible beneath the top, with soft foam cup inserts that can be adjusted for perfect positioning. This innovative design provides you with the most functional and stylish, completely braless-feeling apparel on the market.

No Restrictions, Just Comfort

But what does it do (and not do)? There is NO restriction, containment, or support. The underlayer of the Jia+Kate top simply drapes over to smooth and camouflage, giving the illusion of wearing a cup bra while offering the feeling of a soft, loose T-shirt.

It's the best option for feeling complete freedom with enough coverage to feel confident. 

The Jia+Kate Difference

So, would the Jia+Kate top serve your needs? Only if you want to feel 100% braless while looking 100% covered, while not desiring lift or support.

Our braless tops provide cup coverage with pads for gentle shape and headlight blockage. They really do feel 100% braless because the underlayer is just a drape; they are made from bamboo fabric which is soft, cooling, durable; they come in intentional elevated styles, and their underlayer is invisible. Unlike shelf bra tops or built-in bra camis, Jia+Kate eliminates the discomfort of elastic and offers unparalleled comfort and style.

If you're tired of choosing between comfort and coverage, Jia+Kate is the answer you've been searching for. Experience a new level of braless freedom without compromise. Finally, you can relax without exposing everything, whether you're with roommates, on video calls, spending quality time with family, or running quick errands. Uncross your arms and ditch the baggy T-shirt, bulky sweatshirt, or uncomfortable elastic shelf cami – you deserve it.

Imagine being able to truly feel comfortable, no matter who is present. With Jia+Kate, you can confidently declare, "Bra-free, but no one can see."

Stay tuned for more exciting insights into Jia+Kate's luxurious comfort, flattering style, and adaptive design. We're here to revolutionize your comfort and style, one elastic-free top at a time.