The Mission Behind Jia+Kate

Katie here!

Real talk: starting a business is hard. Creating something from scratch is hard. For clothing in particular, it starts with an idea, becomes a sketch, and ultimately becomes a real sewn product. This product needs measurement adjustments and size grading, the right fabric, and the perfect additional components. To distribute it, it needs a reliable manufacturer and good packaging, too.

So much time, effort, and cost goes into the process of creating these designs, all before it ever reaches the website for display. And let's not even start talking about marketing the product to potential customers! Yikes.

So why do I do all this? 

Recently, I caught up with Canvas Rebel magazine to dish on my mission and a few lessons along the way. 

"My mission through Jia+Kate is to design clothing—loungewear, daywear, and adaptive clothing— that allows women to feel completely and authentically comfortable, particularly in their own living spaces. This mission is so important to me because of the struggles I had when I first became a step-mom..."

Catch the full interview here:


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