The Fit and Feel of Jia+Kate

What makes this loungewear top different from anything else on the market?

Well, the Jia+Kate top has a suspended inner layer with foam insert pads... but NO ELASTIC SHELF.

This means that the cups simply drape over the bust. There is NO feeling of support or containment. Wearing the Jia+Kate top feels just like being 100% braless in a super-soft shirt. The Jia top simply provides the appearance of coverage.

(That free feeling is what I'm looking for when I'm lounging!)

However, this completely-free feeling is not necessarily ideal for everyone. One of my larger-bust friends reported that her back can feel sore when the weight of her chest is not supported by a bra. Another large-bust friend notes that she honestly feels more comfortable when feeling contained by a supportive bra, even during household hanging-out or cooking etc. Plus, the inner layer may not completely comouflage bralessness in a larger bust. 

I understand this, and it makes sense that, with so many beautifully different body types out there, there is no single dream solution for every unique body.

But the Jia+Kate tops have been an amazingly successful solution for myself and many others who actually love and prefer the feeling of being braless when lounging. It has allowed me to feel "at home" without being self-conscious, no matter the setting or company. 

So buyer beware: a Jia+Kate top will provide the feeling of "home" with comfort and relaxation, but only if you want to feel 100% bra-free, uncontained, unsupported, with no elastic, while looking visibly chic and sleek as if you were wearing a cup bra. Bra Free, but No One Can See :)